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katiemarie5683 asked:
I've always had the idea that strippers had "daddy issues" but looking at your blog totally cleared that bullshit conception of it!! It makes me want to join but I'm not comfortable with people looking at me butt ass naked. I can't even have my boyfriends looking at me naked. Power to you girl!!!


The idea of “daddy issues” is ultimately incredibly misogynistic, blaming and shaming women for having been abused or neglected as little girls by adult men and making it HER fault, HER problem.  Even if I was a stripper with an abusive father, who the fuck’s business is it?  Does it invalidate my life and experiences and choices?   Is it more relevant than a lawyer with an abusive father?  Or a war veteran?  Why do you blame and invalidate women for being hurt by men AS CHILDREN?  It’s wrong.  I urge people to purge the phrase “daddy issues” from your personal vocabulary for life.