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Anonymous asked:
please add the' actual source' also on your reblogs I am asking nicely....spaceships

First, you’re anonymous, so this really gives me 0% of a clue about who the “actual source” is. Second, although you may have taken the screenshot of that, it originates from a sociological experiment by someone named “Barzolff” - so if you are “Barzolff,” then, sure, I’ll credit you, providing you can give me information on where I should link it to/prove you are this person.

If someone has changed the link of who originally posted it, it is not my job to correct it, nor make sure everything I post is 100% accurate. This blog is a personal repertoire of my space within the Internet: things I find inspiring, entertaining, interesting, or thought-provoking. 

You should know that if something is put out on the Internet (in case you’re new here), it will most likely be reposted to other sites. Tumblr is one of the worst places where this type of thing can happen, due to the frequent nature at which it occurs. However, I am not the Tumblr Police, and you should try a watermark on images that are actually yours, artwork you have created, etc. 

Also, asking me to add the “actual source” on everything I reblog (which, had you not specifically mentioned “spaceships” at the very end, I would have no clue this was in reference to a specific post) is not only insane but impossible. I reblog hundreds of posts each day. My blog is over 110,000 posts at this point, and I don’t make any profit from it; it’s for personal use. If someone were curious about the source, as in the past, I do my best to help out, but I do have a life, and can’t spend hours researching sources for my blog. Google Images will help people research anything they find on here, if the source is not clear and I am not able to help. 

If this anonymous message were something like “can you please change the source to xxxxx.tumblr.com, I created x image? thank you!” then, I would absolutely comply. However, the end of this message sounds slightly like a threat (“I am asking nicely”). If you were really asking nicely, why would you need to include this statement? I would prefer not being threatened on such a trifle matter as a screenshot from a fake video. 

Finally, if you are inquiring merely about my theme not displaying the actual source: if the original poster has included that information, it will display as the click-through link. 

If I have misunderstood you, I apologize, but this is a semi-ambiguous question.

I realize this is a very long response, but I figured other people may want some information so I have decided to include it altogether in one post. Good night.

me talking to my cat: “you’re so tiny!!…if anyone ever did anything to hurt you, i would kill them…ok? :)” 

i just signed up for my new classes

microbio with my old bio prof bc he’s a cool, intro to american cinema (wanted creative writing with that same prof but NO ONLY 4 SLOTS AND I MISSED IT BECAUSE I WAITED A FEW MINUTES FUCK), comp: lit, and finally…geo & world affairs because i needed some more hours. apparently the prof is a liberal!!!! so that will be fun and nice maybe who knows who cares WHERE IN THE WORLD IS CARMEN SANDIEGO i want to sleep now ok bye