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also 2 guys came up to me tonight. i’m creeped out. stun gun or pepper spray or something else?

ok y’all i’m so fucking annoyed. apparently a bunch of people in my micro class shit-talked me because i was rushing to leave to try and meet a teacher to ask a question (which i missed anyway because we were a few minutes over). like seriously? a bunch of people in that class? who the fuck are you? what do you know about me? where do you get the ability to talk shit about me, when you don’t even fucking know me? oooooh i hate all of them. i swear. i said i was trying to meet someone and that’s why i was running out. like it’s none of your FUCKING BUSINESS anyway. it’s so much gossip & drama. i’m done. i’m so done. i’m going to wear a shirt that says “don’t FUCKING talk to me.” where do you get off? like the phrase goes, i’d call you a bunch of cunts, but you lack the warmth & the depth. 

I feel so guilty because I want to stay home tonight from the hospital because I stayed there the past two nights and she’s supposed to come home tomorrow hopefully but I have a test I haven’t studied for and I’m still sick and just mentally and emotionally exhausted like I can’t handle anything I’ve been nonstop crying since I got home

girl: where do you work at again

me: ((((mental pain))) nowhere

girl: oh i’m looking for a job. any job. i have not done any work since 08.

um……….lol first, 800+ people got laid off from where i worked (including me, in the end). second, i was a tutor. you barely passed the math class you took 3 fucking times on the 3rd try. i would not have recommended you, & you would not have been hired. just mega eyeroll. i’m sick, people keep bothering me, and my lungs feel like someone filled them with moldy caprisun. fuck. i’m gonna make some soup and play ts3.