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Michael Vick has a new clothing line out to boost his reputation as an athlete. But do you want your child’s outfit to support making a sport of animal cruelty? »
Since spending 18 months in prison for five years of illegal dog fighting, Michael Vick has made nice with the media once again by returning to the National Football League (NFL). But playing for a football team does not erase the abuse Vick inflicted on at least 55 dogs, nor does it justify throwing more money his way.
Many children look up to professional athletes, supporting their brand as much as their achievements. Michael Vick’s brand, however, is not the sort of logo anyone should sport. When Vick was at the top of his game, he spent his money and time electrocuting, burning, and mutilating dogs when they underperformed - and then lied about it.
Michael Vick does not represent good sportsmanship. Boycott his activewear line  and send the message that animal cruelty should not be rewarded! »
(Ellyn, ThePetitionSite)